New Hope! Dog Meat May Be Banned For Yulin Dog Meat Festival

New Hope! Dog Meat May Be Banned For Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Stolen. Captured. Caged. Skinned. Cooked. Eaten.

This is a dog’s unfortunate fate at the annual Lychee and Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China during the summer solstice — a celebration that some believe helps to repel summer heat and bring good luck. Thankfully, a ban is reportedly imminent in efforts to discontinue the infamous and inhumane mass slaughtering of animals.

Dogs are not the only meal spotted on the menu at the festival that started in 2010. Cats are killed and eaten, too. However, according to National Geographic, Chinese activists are unsure if the ban will cover cats.

Thousands of cats and dogs are brutally beaten to death during the festival’s 10-day run. Many of these animals are stolen pets, while others are strays. The uproar from advocacy groups to eschew the butchering of these animals has been growing.

The Asian Dog Meat Trade: Horrors, Myths, and How to Help

Last year, a petition with 11 million signatures was presented to the Yulin government on behalf of several animal welfare organizations worldwide.

The ban is reportedly supported by Yulin’s new Party Secretary, Mo Gong Ming, and will go into effect June 15, a week before the festival’s commencement. Violators of the ban could suffer fines up to 100,000 in Chinese Yuan, or $14,500 in U.S. currency.

Peter Li, a Chinese policy specialist at Humane Society International, seems hopeful for the change but also questions the legitimacy of the ban due to a lack of written corroborating documentation from Yulin’s government.

“The Yulin dog meat festival is not over just yet, but if this news is true as we hope, it is a really big nail in the coffin for a gruesome event that has come to symbolize China’s crime-fueled dog meat trade,” said Li in a recent press release.

Sadly, thousands of domestic cats may still be subjected to the cruelty of the festival if not covered by the ban. Hopefully this outcry for change will also encourage others to advocate for felines.

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  1. Wayne Paine

    I am amazed some sadistic cruel bastard actually came up with this crazy idea! It is insane and barbaric but not even been around for a decade? Sounds like something from 1100bc. This must stop!!!!

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  2. Sylvia Star

    Thank God this will STOP! How cruel can people Be!

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  3. Rebecca

    This is NOT a festival!! THIS IS A RITUAL! These people need to be wasted, and go through the pain these poor, helpless babies go through, first. It turns my stomach, and gives me nightmares just thinking about it. This shit has to be stopped!!!

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  4. Laurel Galvan

    Praying this ban is enforced by this Summer Solstice! Save these poor pups and kitties.

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  5. Brigitte

    I sit here looking at my dogs, with this overwhelming feeling of wanting to cry. My dogs, my pets whom are so intelligent and would without a shadow of a doubt lay down their lives to save me. The horror that the dogs in Yulin are put through send me in to a spiral of panic, the thought of so much pain and images I can’t shake. No animal, human on this planet, universe should ever see or experience a death like this. I ask myself “why?” “who would want to cause such pain and cruelty to anything living and breathing?. Just why???

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    • wayne paine

      Brigette I whole heartedly agree with you. I don’t understand their culture or thinking. This isn’t like a 500 year old tradition but only about 7 years ago did this start. What sick psychotic bastard thought this up. Death never has an effect on the weather, luck or anything.

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  6. Name *Janet

    Please pray that this barbaric cruel practice is ended for good for all the animals. They are breathing loving living feeling creatures. I cannot bear to imagine it. So for all the dogs and the cats too please please end it now.

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  7. MarYann s

    My heart breaks for this inhumane and cruel practice . Please please have compassion and a heart for these poor defenseless animals . Stop killing and eating them . This is SAVAGE behavior . The dogs do not deserve this . Who are the animals here ?

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    So difficult to take into one’s conscience. Way way way beyond barbaric! How to put into words?
    One cannot. Simply said, IT HAS TO END; NOW NOW NOW AND FOREVER! Save all those animals.
    I want to run over to China and run down those streets taking all those poor animals out of their
    cages. But then, what to do; with them? It costs so much time and money to save them and some magnificent souls are actually trying every day to do this. Kudos to them! All we have to do is send them money to feed, vet and find homes for these animals. Such a cycle.

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  9. Renato

    O mundo tem que dizer NÃO para essa crueldade!! Isso tem que acabar!!!

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  10. Rachael

    I didn’t realize all the petitions etc I’ve been signing didn’t include protecting cats from this horrific cruelty. It really should protect both cats and dogs (all animals) from these sick non humans. I pray this ends.

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  11. wayne paine

    I pray that the officials do include cats in this. They should also be saved. I have no idea how anyone could treat any living creature like this. I am glad that so many people have spoken up about this.

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  12. Edward

    Stop being so soft and delicate! Start protesting the embassies of these sub”humans” to be closed down in our civilized countries! Then, start boycotting the dirty Chinese nail salons, their filthy take out restaurants WHERE cats, rats and probably stolen dogs are served!
    Boycott these barbarians!!

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  13. Vivien Philip Kating

    It’s time to stop NOW! It’s not even a festival to eat dogs and cats meat. These are PETS, NOT FOOD OR SOMETHING SHOULD BE CALLED AS DELICACIES

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  14. Savanna

    Stop this it’s inhumane and wrong I’m a animal lover to so I know your sick people if you even are human

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