A beloved puppy who was lost in the desert for 65 days following a car accident was miraculously reunited with her guardian, and it was all caught on video.

Rose Sharman and her one-year-old dog Ily (which stands for ‘I love you’) crashed on the Arizona highway, sending them both through the windshield and onto the road. Sharman was badly injured in the accident, and her traumatized puppy disappeared into the desert.

Sharman was unable to search for her pup herself, due to being incapacitated while recovering in a wheelchair, but faithful volunteers spent countless hours searching for the lost dog. They set up cages baited with food and even installed a baby monitor to capture any sounds.

Finally, after 65 days, Ily was captured in one of the cages. The emotional reunion between a tearful Sharman and her very happy dog was captured on camera, and Rose says she never gave up hope of finding her friend alive.

“I’d miss her the most at night, because she hugs me all night,” said a relieved Sharman after finding her best friend again. “When we went down there, she wagged her tail for the first time when she saw me.”