In a fantastic acknowledgment of how amazing rescued animals are, Delaware has made the “rescue dog” the official state dog.  

Senate Bill 37, which substituted rescues over the Golden Retriever as the state’s designated dog, passed the Legislative Assembly and state Senate with unanimous support.

The new designation shows a “commitment to ensuring that every rescued pet will be cared for, loved, and protected against animal abuse,” Sen. Jack Walsh told news.

The bill was signed at the Wilmington campus of Humane Animal Partners (HAP), an agency created in 2022 by the merging of the Delaware Humane Association and the Delaware SPCA.

“By officially making rescue dogs the state dog, Delaware sends a strong message of support to rescue animals and animal welfare organizations,” HAP said.

Thousands of dogs enter Delaware shelters and rescues every year, whereas more than a million dogs typically will pass through shelters nationwide annually.

Lady Freethinker applauds Delaware for recognizing that dogs adopted from shelters make incredible companions! We encourage our readers to always adopt — not shop — for their next furry friend.