A young coyote found with a bucket stuck on his head has been safely rescued from a flooded field of debris following San Diego’s recent storms, Nina Thompson of the San Diego Humane Society told Lady Freethinker.

The San Diego Humane Society’s (SDHS) Humane Law Enforcement team was called to the Tijuana River about a “dog” seen floating in debris.

Because of the rough, flooded terrain, they had to reach the animal by boat, calling in San Diego Lifeguards to help Humane Officers reach the animal.

That’s when they realized the “dog” was actually a coyote.

In addition to being stuck in a bucket, the wet coyote suffered from mild hypothermia, multiple cactus needles in his fur, and additional wounds requiring treatment.

The coyote was rushed to the Bahde Wildlife Center where the veterinarians administered a sedative and pain medication then removed the bucket, provided fluids, and took X-rays.

After 24 hours, the coyote was sent to the Ramona Wildlife Center for rehabilitation where he received additional care.

He has since been returned safely to the wild, close to where he was initially found.

Lady Freethinker applauds the quick-thinking SDHS rescuers for their efforts in saving this coyote, as well as the veterinary and wildlife rehabilitation staff who cared for this innocent animal who was caught — literally — in the wrong place at the wrong time.