A brave calf is now safe at a sanctuary after fleeing from a truck headed to a live animal market in Brooklyn, New York, where animals are slaughtered on site.

The black calf was en route from a Pennsylvania farm to Saba Live Poultry when he bolted, which sent slaughterhouse employees and others on a chase to capture him. Workers eventually caught the calf and planned to try again to send him to the slaughterhouse.

Thankfully for this calf, news of his escape reached Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue’s Mike Stura, who secured the release of the animal through a 3-hour phone call with the slaughterhouse owner and manager. Stura then drove three hours to pick up the sweet calf, now named Stewie, and transported him to his new home where he’ll finally live in peace.

“Hopefully, he’ll live 20-some-odd more years and pass away at old age,” Stura told The Guardian. “You should see these animals when they flourish. You would never believe they were the same ones who ran away in the first place.”

See how Stewie the courageous calf arrived at the sanctuary in the video below.

Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue is home to more than 400 animals who now have a second chance at life. You can read about other brave animals who escaped slaughter here.