Two dogs in Roswell, Georgia are lucky to be alive after police officers rescued them from a sweltering 167-degree car while their owner was in a theater watching a movie.

The kind officers responded to a citizen complaint within 18 seconds, and got right to work. After taking a thermometer reading of an astounding 167 degrees at the car’s front seat, they opened the car door to let the traumatized pups out.

One quickly suffered a seizure from heat stroke. The other had heat stroke, as well. Firefighters at the scene tapped into a fire hydrant to get the dogs the hydration they so desperately needed, and then rushed them to an emergency animal hospital. Fortunately, both dogs made it through the ordeal and were discharged in good health.

The dogs’ owner now faces two counts of animal cruelty.

Please — never, ever leave your animals alone in the car. You could very well kill them, as this thoughtless owner nearly did.