dinosaurhoaxFossil records be damned, Christians Against Dinosaurs will not rest until the dinosaur “hoax” has been exposed and debunked. Armed with ill-conceived evidence that the scientific community is tricking our children, they’ve put together what may be the least compelling arguments against the existence of dinosaurs that I’ve ever seen.

The idiocy begs the question: is Christians Against Dinosaurs the real hoax, fooling us science-y folks from behind a mask of satire?

Sadly, I think they actually believe what they’re saying, although we may never know for sure. Between their Facebook page, Twitter feed and Youtube channel, they seem dumbfoundingly earnest. And would anyone put this much effort into their website if they didn’t really mean it?

This video below is particularly unsettling, with pearls of wisdom like “So a fossil is not actually a piece of bone. A fossil is actually a bone that was once in the ground that has been then filled with limestone, calcium, and other kind of stone-like deposits over the course of many many years, and at the end of the day it ends up looking like a bone but it’s not really a bone. It’s really a rock inside a rock.”


Amusing, yes, but the clear winner of best title goes to a video called The Museum Industrial Complex in Action.

Eisenhower is squirming in his grave.