These Celebs Are Eating Plant-Based for VegWeek; Take the Pledge and Join Them

These Celebs Are Eating Plant-Based for VegWeek; Take the Pledge and Join Them

Thousands of compassionate and eco-conscious people are pledging to eat only plant-based foods for the week of April 16-22, joining a growing list of celebrities who have made the promise to go vegetarian for VegWeek 2018.

Celebrated every year in April, and tying in with Earth Day on April 22nd, VegWeek is a fun way to educate the public about the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Some of this year’s celebrity endorsers include actress and author Alicia Silverstone, recording artists Mya and Belinda Carlisle, body builder Torre Washington and surfer Tia Blanco, along with many more high profile animal lovers.

“When you go veg, you not only help animals and the planet, but you are aligning your diet with your values of kindness and non-violence. Please try eating animal-free by taking the 7-Day VegPledge,” says actress, activist and health coach Alexandra Paul.

Launched by animal rights group Compassion Over Killing (COK) in 2009, the initiative has grown in popularity every year, encouraging people to “make kinder, greener, and healthier food choices.”

Every person who takes the VegPledge will have access to discounts on delicious vegan food and free recipes and be in with a chance to win some awesome prizes.

“VegWeek is a fun way to show how delicious and accessible plant-based eating can be! From the moment you take the VegPledge, we’re here for you to ensure your week is a sweet and savory success,” said Jessica Carter, Compassion Over Killing’s vegan food and lifestyle coach.

Whether it’s for the health of ourselves, our planet or our fellow beings, LFT in supporting this amazing initiative. We are proud to be Gold Sponsors of VegWeek and encourage everybody to take the VegPledge this month and fight climate change with every meal you eat.



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  1. Pitsi Pitsi

    Vegetarian diet=health in any ways!!!
    You want to be healthy ,be vegetarian, it is as simple as that!!! YOU CANNOT BE HEALTHY EATING MEAT!!!

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  2. Tisa

    I have been vegetarian since 1980. What did it for me was a 20/20 show about the heartbreaking baby calves take away from their mommas and sent to the veal factories. It was a most upsetting show. No meat, fish, or poultry for me since. Don’t like the smell or site of meat. Not missing it at all. Silk Soy, almond, coconut milks are very good.

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  3. Marylou

    I’ve been a vegetarian since 1985. I haven’t touched any meat, poultry, or fish of any kind in any form since Jan 1st, 1985. What triggered my choice was watching the heart wrenching slaughter of the baby harp seals on TV in 1984, and it got me to thinking about the slaughter of all the animals that were killed to put meat on our plates. Shortly after, I went meat free. I gave up eating meat for the animals, so it wasn’t a difficult decision. I also choose clothing that is not made from slaughtered animals, like leather and suede.

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  4. Scott Ary

    After 2 years, 7 months of abstention from the consumption of animal products, I don’t want to taste any “meat substitute”, and I also find meat odors offensive. I find the word and the concept of “meat” itself offensive, and I regard carnism to be a vulgar lifestyle. It isn’t hard to “resist” carnism. Meat is not an addictive substance, and after just 3-4 months the palette adjusts and the body simply doesn’t desire raw or cooked flesh. For decades, my favorite foods were sushi and swordfish, and while I am probably radioactive as a result, I have no desire whatsoever to eat either ever again.
    Carnism is a cruel and purely selfish lifestyle that is destroying the planet. Stop it. Now.

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  5. Dayle Peters

    Going vegan for a week? Try Gardein meatless meatballs, bean burgers. They are great for those cravings. Milk and dairy subtitutes? That was hardest for me. My palate had to be reset. I personally think Silk is the best and the pea protein milk (can’t remember the name) is really good. Also, if you have a Little Saigon close to you, they make FRESH soy milk, usually where ever the fresh tofu is made and it is reasonable. It is the real deal and I did have to reset my palate for soy milk. As for cheese? It’s a little expensive, but it does go on sale from time to time. Also: Trader Joe’s has the best price on vegan hot dogs.

    I found giving up dairy was the hardest. It took me a long time to finally say no to dairy and eggs. What made me finally give it up was that I saw a vid with a mom cow chasing a truck with her new born baby in it being taken to slaughter. I am a mother and taking away my baby is the worst thing you could do to me. Think of how women used to be exploited by their husbands (and some still are) for sex, housekeeping, etc, etc. But we exploit those poor female cows for their milk. It is wrong.

    I never ate another egg after I saw James Aspeys “this is your wake up call”. I had no idea. James Aspey’s Dublin Veg Fest 2017 is very inspirational to keep people on the path of right. If you want to know about the health implications, I recommend “Dr. Michael Greger = how to stop/end the 15 worst diseases”. So many inspirational videos out there, but be careful as some are graphic, but they are just showing the TRUTH. Let your conscience be your guide. Please go vegan.

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