An adorable cat who was abandoned on a doorstep with her tiny kitten with nothing but a plate of tortilla chips to eat has finally found a loving forever home.

When an unsuspecting member of the public found the feline duo dumped by her door, she alerted The Mayhew Animal Home, who took the cats into its care.

Soon after, Stella, the five-month-old kitten, recuperated and was adopted. Unfortunately, the trauma Linda, Stella’s mother, suffered left her very nervous and jumpy, and she needed extra love before being ready for a permanent guardian.

Linda, who was skittish when she arrived at the rescue center and shied away from anyone who tried to get close to her, found a dedicated foster family to help her get accustomed to humans and recover in a calm home environment.

“It took Linda a good few months to really settle in with us,” explained foster caretaker Alissa Johnson. “Even the smallest, sudden noises would worry or scare her, so we were careful to be patient and understanding. Once she realized she could trust us, Linda began to show us more of her adorable, sweet personality.”

After more than a year of careful rehabilitation, Linda has been placed with a new forever family. She also has a new name: Minnie.

When the adoption finally happened, it was a sad and happy moment for Johnson.

“When you sign up to foster, you know it’s going to be hard when the time comes to say goodbye,” she said. “Though there were many times when we were tempted to sign the adoption papers ourselves, we knew Linda’s perfect match was out there, and we wanted to give her the chance to live the brand new life she really deserves. I know she is going to be so happy – but we’ll never forget her.”