A renowned animal sanctuary in California has launched a first-ever virtual museum of animal farming, with aims to educate about the lives animals endure in intensive animal agriculture operations and to encourage people to make compassionate, plant-based choices.

Animal Place, which operates a 600 acre farmed animal sanctuary in Grass Valley, announced the launch of its interactive virtual museum, based on the brick-and-mortar in-person museum on-site at their sanctuary, in mid-July.

Now, from the comfort of their own home, visitors can click through the rooms  dedicated to the lives of chickens, fish, cows, turkeys, and pigs farmed for food.  The virtual rooms host statistics, descriptions of the animals’ lives from their births to deaths, videos, infographics, photographs and more.

The museum also hosts vital information about how people and the planet also suffer from repercussions from the U.S. food system and its Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs).

“The museum does a great job at helping people make connections between the animals in their homes and the animals on their dinner plates,” said Animal Place Co-Founder and Executive Director Kim Sturla. “We, as humans, must do better in making this world a kinder place for animals and all living beings.” 

People can check out the free virtual museum here. 

In addition to its museums and sanctuary, Animal Place also operates an education center and a 12-acre rescue and adoption center in Petaluma. The nonprofit is home to more than 350 permanent animal residents and has successfully rescued, rehabilitated, and found loving forever homes for more than 30,000 animals since opening.

To learn more, visit www.animalplace.org

Those who feel inspired to go vegan can also sign up for Animal Place’s 30-day plant-based challenge here.