The Breeders’ Cup Classic was tainted by yet another tragedy at the Santa Anita Racetrack. This event marked the 37th death at the track in the last 11 months.

Four-year-old Mongolian Groom sustained a fracture to his left hind leg during the Cup’s final race. Officials have not provided comprehensive information about his injury, but he was put down after a veterinary examination. The track stated that another veterinarian will be investigating the injury.

Mongolian Groom’s death comes after officials instituted more comprehensive and stringent safety and health protocols at the racetrack this March. The track’s owners took this action after 20 horses died on the track; however, the death toll has only risen, and even though officials say they are committed to the health and safety of the horses, the perilous races still go on.

With the continued and needless deaths, it is evident that the new protocols are not working and that further, more drastic measures must be taken. The only guaranteed way to stop these senseless and tragic deaths is by shutting down the track.

Thank you to all our readers who have signed our petition to put a stop to this deadly racetrack. If you have not done so, please take a moment to sign the petition to let the racetrack and county officials know that this cruelty and death are unacceptable and that we need to shut down the track to ensure the safety and well-being of the horses.

SIGN: Shut Down Race Track that’s Killed 37 Horses So Far This Year