A 13-year-old boy who heroically rescued his four sisters from a raging fire at their Wisconsin home was then saved by the family dog.

The children’s parents, who had run out to grab dinner, had been gone for only 10 minutes when the children smelled smoke on the first floor.

“My sister said it was really smoky and we looked behind us, and the playpen was on fire,” said Briar Omar, 13.

Thanks to Briar’s quick actions, he managed to get his four sisters, the youngest only 6 months old, to safety. He then went back in to try to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher until Mandy, the family dog, ushered him out of the burning home.

“It went up in bigger flames, and I just couldn’t breathe,” Briar said. “I couldn’t see. I almost collapsed, and then, that’s when I felt my dog rub against me. I grabbed her, and she led me out the door.”

Briar and Mandy had just emerged from the house when the parents pulled into the driveway.

“Until you physically saw every single child, it was just terrifying,” said Kelly Omar, the children’s mother. “We’re just so thankful that every single one of them made it out… if it wasn’t for my son, I don’t know where I’d be.”

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

Lady Freethinker applauds the courageous actions of Briar and Mandy, who both risked their lives to save the ones they care about most.