Actress Alexandra Paul has signed an urgent letter, on behalf of Lady Freethinker, to the Bureau of Land Management demanding that they stop rounding up wild horses after 31 horses in Nevada’s Antelope Complex have died during a helicopter roundup. 

The letter points out that one of those tragedies, as documented by a Lady Freethinker observer, was a palomino stallion who had been captured and broke his leg after jumping over the corral. The horse continued to run on his broken, bloody leg for nearly an hour while being chased by wranglers before being shot to death. 

The letter also notes that fatalities like this are not uncommon during roundups, as horses endure violent deaths every year including from snapped necks, broken bones, and heart failure. Others are tragically separated from their families.

Broken leg

(Scott Henderson/LFT Investigation)

“It is inhumane to drive wild horses from public land into captivity, simply to keep the land for cattle owned by private businesses,” said Paul. “These are wild horses who are then placed in corrals and stalls for the rest of their lives, when they should be roaming free with their families. Not one more horse should suffer or die in these insane helicopter roundups. Ban them, and all roundups, for good.”

According to the BLM’s own website, out of the 245 million acres of land they manage, 155 million acres are dedicated to livestock, and just 26.9 million acres are allotted for wild horses and burros. 

“America’s iconic wild horses don’t deserve to be chased down in extreme heat, separated from their beloved families, and tragically killed,” said Nina Jackel, founder and president of Lady Freethinker. “We’re thrilled to have Alexandra joining our call and urge other compassionate people to speak up for horses by signing our petition urging the Bureau of Land Management to halt cruel wild horse roundups.”

Lady Freethinker also recently filed an amicus brief in support of a lawsuit brought by Wild Horse Education against the BLM that sought to immediately end the gathering of wild horses during excessive heat and under inhumane conditions in the Antelope Complex. Unfortunately, a judge has allowed the roundup to continue.

Lady Freethinker has also launched a petition and is urging everyone to sign and share to help stop cruel wild horse roundups for good!

SIGN: Stop Cruel Helicopter Roundups That Are Killing Wild Horses