This month, filming begins for a new Animal Planet TV show that will document life at Barn Sanctuary, a rescue for farmed animals in Chelsea, Michigan. The show, produced by High Noon Entertainment (of the hit HGTV show “Fixer Uppers”), is set to premiere at the end of the year.

“This show will give farmed animals the chance to be seen in a different light as we rescue, rehabilitate, and provide a loving home to abused and neglected farmed animals,” said Dan McKernan, Founder of Barn Sanctuary.

McKernan traded city life for a new start in rural Michigan. Without any experience, he converted his family’s generations-old farm into the rescue. The reunited family works together to save farm animals in dire need of help and provide them with a safe and comfortable place to recover and spend the rest of their lives.

Animals rescued by Barn Sanctuary may have been abused, abandoned, or victimized by a natural disaster — or they may face a death sentence of slaughter. The animals who thrive at the rescue are an example of why Barn Sanctuary encourages a vegan lifestyle.

“Barn Sanctuary” will feature uplifting and entertaining animal rescue stories as it takes viewers on a journey of day-to-day life at the rescue. Viewers can also expect to learn about unique medical cases and encounter a variety of charismatic human and animal characters.

“There is an enormous and rare opportunity to show the world who these incredible animals are, and we’re touched by the outpouring of excitement for this show,” stated Kelly Holt, Executive Director of Barn Sanctuary. “The lifesaving work we do at Barn Sanctuary will undoubtedly capture the hearts of millions, and we’re grateful to Animal Planet for the opportunity.”