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PETITION TARGET: New York State Senate

Recently in New York, emaciated dogs and cats were found living in cramped crates that were spilling with their own waste. In another case, 49 animals were reportedly saved from a house where some of the cages had become plastered to the floor by feces. Dogs were matted with filth, some covered in maggots, and multiple had to be hospitalized.

New legislation recently introduced in New York could be lifesaving for animals like these who are victims of cruelty and neglect.

New York’s criminal law procedure currently leaves animals at risk of waiting months or even years to find justice and new forever homes after being seized from abusive situations. A new bill would introduce a civil process option, which would allow courts to more quickly intervene when animals are found in neglect situations — such as hoarding.

Animals who are denied food, water, veterinary care, or any other basic needs deserve every legal protection possible. If passed, this bill would allow courts to offer that protection by removing animals from dangerous situations more rapidly than is possible under current criminal law, according to news.

The bill also stipulates timeframes within the legal process where animals would be checked by veterinarians.

Rather than animals being seen as evidence or property, they would be seen as sentient beings deserving of swift justice.

It’s clear that animals in New York need this bill to pass and become law.

Sign our petition to urge New York State Senate to fully support Bill A.9215/S.8543 to help abused animals find justice and safety as soon as possible.