Andy, a 6-week-old kitten, was found abandoned at a gas station by Moonglade Rose and her partner.

When they found Andy, he was in terrible condition and could barely breathe. But the pair were determined to revive the kitten — so despite his dire situation, they took him home and began nursing him back to health.

Moonglade didn’t leave Andy’s side for the first two nights to make sure he was recovering and to keep him company. Sometimes we all need a little love to recover — Andy certainly did. He would cry out for her in the night if he was left alone.

Moonglade was so dedicated to Andy’s recovery, she slept with her arm in his cat bed so that he could hold her throughout the night. Eventually, Andy felt safe enough to fall asleep in her arms, though he was distraught without her.

Finally, Andy was nursed back to health after many sleepless nights for all of them.

The little tabby became very attached to his rescuer and insisted on cuddling up to her day and night. Coincidentally, Moonglade found Andy mere miles away from her own birthplace, where she too was abandoned.

They were a perfect match for each other. Safe to say, Moonglade’s love and affection of Andy made up for his abandonment and he is now living a safe and happy life (with lots of cuddles).