You recycle and you reduce, but how do you reuse? Perhaps you don’t want to put more waste out into the environment, but you’re stuck on ideas for how to repurpose your home goods. Fortunately, reusing objects around the house is easy to do.

You can reuse virtually any household item to avoid creating waste, and many upcycling methods are fun to design. You don’t have to stick to functional crafts either — you can manufacture eco-friendly decor to fit your environmentalist lifestyle.

Check out these tips on how to reuse seven everyday items.

1. Mason Jars

Clean out mason jars and use them to hold or store odds and ends like writing utensils, forks and spoons, or cooking tools. They also work for preserving food and creating mini one-serving meals. If you want an on-the-go salad without the mess of carrying a bowl, load up a mason jar with your favorite ingredients and be on your way. This method also works well for transporting smoothies and protein shakes.

Grow flowers in these jars for a colorful table centerpiece, or create a portable herb garden. You won’t have to venture to the yard to grab a garnish or spice for your meals if you keep an accessible source on your kitchen counter.

2. Old T-shirts

For the T-shirts that are too worn out for second-hand giveaways, use them as cleaning rags around the house. They’re perfect for those extra dirty cleanups that may leave a stain. Better yet, use them when cleaning your vehicle and turn it into a fun car wash day with the whole family. Another idea is to use them during a painting project. You can wear them on your body, use them to clean paint brushes, or put them on the floor to catch any drippage.

Want to preserve your old T-shirts rather than getting them dirty? Create a T-shirt quilt to pay homage to memories while staying warm!

3. Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes become less effective at scraping off plaque once they wear down, so it’s crucial to change them out often. Old toothbrushes can become scrubbers for cleaning up those grimy places around the house — such as the area behind your faucet and between tiles. They’re also effective at reaching tough-to-clean areas like grooves in a waffle iron and treads on shoes. An unexpected but modern idea? Use an old toothbrush for exfoliating your lips!

Put a creative spin on an old toothbrush by using it as a paintbrush to create splatters on an art project. Of course, you’ll want to make sure it’s disinfected beforehand.

4. Plastic Bottles

Feed the birds around your house by making bird feeders out of plastic bottles. Use a 2-liter bottle to ensure that you have enough room for the seed. After cleaning it, thoroughly dry it before converting it into a feeder, as water can cause the seeds to spoil. From there, poke holes on both sides of the bottle and insert a wooden spoon all the way through; leaving the spoon end exposed. Then, fill the container so that the seed falls smoothly into the spoon. The spoon will act as both a receptacle and a perch.

5. Corks

Collect corks from wine bottles and olive oil containers to use in artistic upcycling projects. Cut a small slit in a cork to use it as a plastic-free bag clip, or put a hook through one to keep as a rustic keychain. Make quaint plant markers for your mason jar herb garden by skewering corks and writing plant names on the surface.

Create trivets and placemats out of corks to place your hot pans and dishes on — and if you don’t have enough, ask your friends and family to chip in.

6. Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes make great storage solutions when you’ve run out of space everywhere else. If you need somewhere to put new jewelry, you can make a jewelry board from a lid. Decorate the outside of a box and turn it into a DIY sewing kit or first aid kit. Spice up your walls by painting a few boxes in fun colors and mounting them up as shelves. Functional, eco-friendly and fun to look at — what more could you ask for?

Repurpose Household Items in Fun Ways

Spruce up your home with repurposed goods, which will benefit you by serving as unique and functional decor. They’ll also help the planet by reducing harmful waste. Whether you use an old toothbrush or a mason jar, you can discover a different purpose for many things in your home.