For nine years, “Trip the Intrepid” was crammed into a puppy mill cage and used irresponsibly for breeding puppies.

While he watched countless other dogs find forever homes with loving families, three-legged Trip somehow kept up his loving personality and sense of humor.

Recently, the National Mill Dog Rescue pulled Trip and several other canines from the puppy mill where they were cruelly imprisoned. As Trip’s personal blog reads: “Then one day two manly men named Chuck and Bryan showed up. They were looking at ME! I didn’t know quite what to think and had no idea why they were there or what they wanted with an older, quirky guy like me.”

After being placed in a rescue van, the dogs were driven to one of the non-profit’s facilities in Colorado. Trip received his name during the van ride, while he was showered with lots of attention and his well-being was closely monitored — displays of love and compassion the canine had never received before.

While at the rescue, Trip was finally able to enjoy some of the everyday comforts most pets experience, but that he’d been denied his whole life, including being able to go outside and having a soft, clean bed.

While Trip adjusted to his unfamiliar but pleasant surroundings, the rescue tended to his health. Several infected teeth were removed, he was neutered, and he received a thorough grooming.

Finally, after seeing several other puppy mill rescues get adopted, Trip received his chance at a forever home. He was adopted right before Halloween and taken to his new home – where he will never be forced into a cage again.

There are more adoptable puppy mill rescues available at National Mill Dog Rescue’s website, who are eager to experience freedom and affection for the first time.