There’s a misconception that a vegan diet consists of pricey food. Au contraire, being healthy and compassionate can be very affordable. You just need to know what to buy!

Here are some cruelty-free and inexpensive staples perfect for a nutritious diet:


fruits and vegetables in season (these will usually be far cheaper — and better for the environment — than out-of-season fruits shipped from far away)
– bananas
– honeydew
– oranges
– pears
– plums
– watermelon
– cabbage
– carrots
– cauliflower
– celery
– kale
– leafy greens
– onions
– potatoes
– sweet potatoes


– oatmeal
– pasta
– quinoa
– rice


– beans
– chick peas (make inexpensive hummus)
– legumes
– peanut butter
– seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, chia, and more)
– tofu
– tempeh
– seitan


  1. Purchase staples like nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, grains, et cetera in bulk (freeze, dry, or dehydrate if necessary to store).
  2. Plan meals ahead of time so you can adhere to a list and reduce impulse purchases.
  3. Stock up on frozen fruits and vegetables when on sale.
  4. Grow some of your own produce.
  5. Buy the store brand for items that aren’t fresh (flours, baking powder, baking soda, salt, corn starch, oatmeal, pasta, rice, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit).
  6. Use leftover spices and vegetable remnants to make broth.
  7. Prepare meals with leftovers in mind so they last for two days or longer.
  8. Plan to make a couple of meals that use a few of the same ingredients.
  9. Frequent the Farmer’s Market (especially at the end of the day when prices are reduced).
  10. Buy nuts/seeds in bulk. Also, make your own nut butter in a Vitamix.
  11. Shop at special stores: Shopping at a Co-op, going to a wholesale store like Costco, finding foods at ethnic grocery stores, or purchasing online can save you big.
  12. Remember – eating with compassion does not have to eat a hole in your wallet!