These are the 20 Worst-Paying Jobs for Women in the U.S.

These are the 20 Worst-Paying Jobs for Women in the U.S.

The role of women in America’s workplace has changed drastically over the last several decades.  In the late 60’s, women made up about one-third of the country’s workforce, compared to present day where women make up nearly half. Yet on the heels of the 100-year-anniversary of the women’s right to vote, females in this country still do not receive equal pay as men.

The current political climate has once again pushed the gender wage gap issue into the spotlight. Recently 24/7 Wall St. conducted a review and identified the top 20 worst paying jobs for women, garnering information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics about both employed men and women of various occupations.

Women working as first-line supervisors of food preparation (listed at number 20 on the list) are victims of one of the largest gender pay gaps, earning nearly $200 less per week than her male counterpart. The issue even seeps into the hub of tech, Silicon Valley, where male programmers and male game artists make nearly 30 percent and 16 percent more than women, respectively. Just last week it was announced that incoming Yahoo CEO Thomas McInerney will receive a starting salary of $2 million, twice as much as outgoing CEO Marissa Mayer. And while it’s tough to sympathize with a millionaire, it is proof that the gender wage gap issue is widespread and doesn’t discriminate.

These are the 20 WORST paying jobs for women in America.

  1. Personal financial advisors
  2. Insurance sales agents
  3. Physicians and surgeons
  4. Real estate brokers and sales agents
  5. Securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents
  6. Marketing and sales managers
  7. Administrative services managers
  8. Sales representatives, services, all other
  9. Other teachers and instructors
  10. Financial managers
  11. Credit counselors and loan officers
  12. Inspectors, testers, sorters, samplers, and weighers
  13. Retail salespersons
  14. Property, real estate, and community association managers
  15. Accountants and auditors
  16. Bartenders
  17. Lodging managers
  18. Financial analysts
  19. Designers
  20. First-line supervisors of food preparation and serving workers

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  1. kgabriel BS. RN.

    Seriously? You left nurses off your list of the underpaid? How would you like to go to college for 5 years, receive a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and make less money than the check-out people at the grocery store? All while working evenings, nights, weekends and holidays, getting peed on, bled on and vomited on while giving life-saving care at 3:00 am on New Year’s Eve. Because nurses work through every holiday there is and are. not. compensated. for it.

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  2. Jenny

    You are waaaaay off on bartenders. I make twice the amount of tips that my male co-workers do because I’m a female. Also, retail and hotel jobs are usually minimum wage, so I’m not sure where you are going with that.

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  3. Alison

    it would be helpful if this article discussed HOW they arrived at their conclusions. As Jenny said, there is no way that male bartenders are making more than female bartenders. Is this a pre-tip comparison? Creating a list like this without providing explaintions for how the salaries are being compared is just giving fuel to people who want to feel like victims. Women are often the parent who will take time off to stay home with sick kids, etc, so it stands to reason that it would affect their salary. Were the differences in hours worked considered? As to the woman who was upset that nurses were left off the list, I wonder if male nurses are paid more than female nurses, since that is the point of the article.

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  4. Jean

    Crazy! whats Left! I made a great living as a Realtor and I am Female!!

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