Being Homeless Isn’t Easy. . .

Life can be hard on the streets of Los Angeles. It’s even harder if you’re a scared, pregnant dog. Summer knows that better than most. For some time, this little fighter struggled to find a place to belong. Luckily for her, Summer landed in a neighborhood full of good Samaritans. So, even while she didn’t have a home, this charming little dog never ran short on food or water.

Especially When You Have Six Mouths to Feed

Once Summer had her puppies, however, things changed. The neighborhood quickly realized that a life on the streets was no longer suitable for their neighborhood mascot. Eldad Hagar, the founder of Hope for Paws (HFP), explains: “They knew they had to do the right thing and contact us so the babies and the mom could be with us in a healthy and clean environment.” After receiving a call on their emergency line, HFP volunteers rushed to locate Summer’s den.

It didn’t take the rescuers long to find the little dog and her brood under a bush.  Now came the hard part: getting them out of there. Rescuers did not think it would be easy; mother dogs, especially new ones, tend to be overprotective. So, when rescuers reached into the bushes, it was with some measure of trepidation.

What happened next was unexpected:

To give Summer or her puppies a loving home, please visit Hope For Paws. For another dose of human compassion, read this article about Cotton the cat.

Remember: Not all mother dogs are as sweet as Summer. Many quickly become aggressive when placed in uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations.

If you find a pregnant animal, be cautious. Thoughtlessly rushing in can cause undue stress to you and the mother. To ensure a happy ending for all involved, consider placing a call to your local animal shelter.