Wally the squirrel was just three days old when he was discovered after falling out of his nest in a tree. Tiny, pink and completely helpless, he had little hope of surviving on his own.

But luckily for Wally, a kind family found him and saved his life — and although they tried to release him, he refused to leave. So Wally now lives in the house along with a friendly dog named Jax, who has taken on the role of adoptive brother.

Wally loves to hide nuts in Jax’s thick fur, drink from his water bowl and play with his toys (among many other household items). And when he’s not enjoying cuddles from his human family members, Wally loves to hang out with Jax, crawling on top of him and teasing him like little brothers do.

Thank you, rescuers, for giving Wally a happy, loving home.