One September evening, a stray puppy with a disabling amount of matted fur was dropped off at an open-access animal shelter. The disheveled dog, Holland, was scared and in extreme discomfort.

Holland was soon taken under the care of the Trio Animal Foundation’s heroic veterinarians for emergency treatment. For her safety, vets sedated her for what proved to be an arduous surgical grooming session. To their pleasant surprise, they discovered only minor health issues as they tended to Holland. Aside from malnourishment, the pup’s biggest problem was skin damage consisting of various bruises, cuts, and splits. She also had some difficulty walking in the aftermath of the removal of her fur.

Luckily for Holland, these issues were remedied with time and medicine. In the few weeks following her arrival at the shelter, she was physically and emotionally rehabilitated. Not only has Holland  made a full recovery, she’s even found a forever home with a loving family!