VIDEO: Pup Can’t Stop Smiling After Vets Remove Piles of Hopelessly Matted Fur


One September evening, a stray puppy with a disabling amount of matted fur was dropped off at an open-access animal shelter. The disheveled dog, Holland, was scared and in extreme discomfort.

Holland was soon taken under the care of the Trio Animal Foundation’s heroic veterinarians for emergency treatment. For her safety, vets sedated her for what proved to be an arduous surgical grooming session. To their pleasant surprise, they discovered only minor health issues as they tended to Holland. Aside from malnourishment, the pup’s biggest problem was skin damage consisting of various bruises, cuts, and splits. She also had some difficulty walking in the aftermath of the removal of her fur.

Luckily for Holland, these issues were remedied with time and medicine. In the few weeks following her arrival at the shelter, she was physically and emotionally rehabilitated. Not only has Holland  made a full recovery, she’s even found a forever home with a loving family!

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  1. Lynette Berg

    What a happy moment for me to see something good. I smiled and cried for holland. Good for you baby, no more pain. Thank the family that will love it and trio for helping the pup. May many wishes come to your facilities and lives.

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  2. Nadya Wall-Rossi

    Why can’t I share this inspirational story on Facebook and Twitter?

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    • a

      You can; go to the left of page; look for blue squares; press F:

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  3. cindi scholefield

    In rescue it always surprises me how quickly a horribly matted dog responds when he realizes that you are making him free! God bless the people who looked after Holland, and his new pet-parents.

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  4. Donna Zoll

    How adorable! It feels so good to see Lady Holland so happy. I am grateful to the loving hearts that helped her. She may have been disoriented walking after having the weight of all that matted fur removed. I know when I lost some weight it sure made it easier to run. LOL! Thank you all for caring. : )

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  5. Beatrice Lavagnino

    Thank you good people who can change a life of a beautiful creature. <3

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  6. Maxine Sheehan

    It’s disgraceful that such a thing as a SURGICAL grooming session is necessary. Why do people get pets and then not care for them? People are a flight on this planet!

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  7. leanne

    Thanku to the kind people at Trip Animal Foundation for maki g Holland more comforatable and taking good care of her. Thank God she has gone to a loving forever home.

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  8. Robyn Knorr

    God love her! And all the rescue people and Veterinarians around the world. What would these fur kids do without them?

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  9. Lynn

    A very happy ending to such a precious little pup. ????????????????I don’t understand why horrible, thoughtless people have dogs if they can’t look after them. Maybe lots of reasons for this happening, but no excuses!!!! ????????????????

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  10. Barbara

    What a beautiful baby thank God they took him there to be
    loved and cared for. What a HAPPY ending!!!

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