A brave police officer risked his life charging into a burning house to save two dogs from a house fire.

Body camera footage shows Caledonia K-9 Officer Cory Radke running towards the flaming building and entering the smoke-filled home through the garage. He whistles and calls out to anyone who might still be inside the building, and eventually discovers a 12-year-old dog, Deezel,  lying calmly on the couch.

Radke quickly picked her up and took her outside before returning to the burning building to continue his search. The house was so thick with smoke that Radke had to use a torch to search the property.

“The smoke was getting to me,” the heroic officer said, “[I] had to get on out of there and let the true heroes, [the firefighters], clear it.”

When the firefighters arrived, they swept the house and found another dog, Fido, cowering beneath a bed.

“[The] fire department went in there and ended up taking out a window and crawling in there and getting the dog out, bringing them out of the smoke,” added Radke. “It was like a little Lion King moment there.”

The house suffered severe fire damaged, but thankfully, the owners weren’t at home and nobody was injured. Thanks to this heroic officer and the brave firefighters, these two lucky dogs escaped a certain tragedy.