A sweet and mistreated dog finally found happiness this holiday season after spending most of his life alone in a pen outside. Pip, a deaf mixed-breed dog, was adopted shortly after rescuers saved him and will spend the winter inside with a new family that loves him.

Pip lived alone in a pen in his family’s backyard. His home was cold and dirty, he had little interaction with his caretakers. When PETA learned of his situation, representatives made wellness checks on him and provided him with much needed love, attention, and care. The owners finally relinquished Pip, and and after only a few days at Norfolk SPCA, Pip found a new and loving forever home.

Pets who are left outdoors — whether or not they are in an enclosure — have a great risk of injury, illness, and death from untreated medical conditions and hypothermia. Those left to roam are more likely to end up at shelters, fall into the hands of abusers, and be attacked, injured, or killed by vehicles or other animals. Keeping pets inside is always the right thing to do.

Colleen O’Brien, the Vice President of PETA, said, “The home they can see from their lonely position in the backyard may be warm and bright inside, but Christmas isn’t at all merry for dogs left out in the cold.”

“PETA urges everyone to make sure dogs get to enjoy the comfort and joy of the holiday season indoors with the rest of the family—and to pass on the message to their neighbors.”