After getting stranded on a small island in the middle of a frigid, icy river, a dog now is safe and sound thanks to a rescue crew and a little bit of luck.

On Monday, Detroit Animal Care and Control (DACC) called the Michigan Humane Animal Search and Rescue (ASAR) about an adventurous dog at Belle Isle State Park. ASAR is the only rescue team equipped and trained to perform water rescues.

Wearing special gear to protect themselves from the cold, the ASAR team dragged floatation devices through the broken-up ice and eventually reached the island and the stranded dog. But the story doesn’t end without one last nerve-racking moment: The dog runs back onto the brittle, unstable ice.

Rescuers on the other side of the river call for the pup to come to them. Thankfully, he listens and safely makes it back to solid ground, to the cheers of the rescuers.

Finally, the rescue team scooped him up and transported him to the Michigan Humane Mackey Center for Animal Care in Detroit.