Brenda and Linda found their furever home TOGETHER! Thank you to all of our frens who shared to make this pawsible for them💕🐾#happytogether #bestfriends

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She didn’t know it at the time, but when dog Brenda jumped a 5-foot partition at a Minneapolis shelter to join her best canine friend Linda in the adjacent kennel, she also secured a loving forever home — for both of them.

Shelter workers at Minneapolis Animal Care and Control originally were flabbergasted when they came across the two dogs together in the same kennel. Upon checking security cameras, they watched Brenda hoist herself up and over the wall of her kennel.

The Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care and Control posted the video to social media — and just one day later, the girls went to their new home with Cathy and La Mar Walker.

Cathy told news that she couldn’t believe her eyes when she first saw the video and was “curious” to see the dogs herself. She wasn’t planning to adopt them; her 13-year-old dog, Samsen, had passed from cancer and she wasn’t sure she was ready for another dog.

Linda and Brenda

Linda and Brenda (Courtesy of Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care And Control)

But a reported 30 minutes after the couple met Brenda and Linda, they were all on their way home — and Cathy credits that choice, in part, to Samsen.

“Her coloring, and the way she did it, and the fact that she had to take care of her buddy, I was just thinking to myself, this is going to sound corny, I really thought my Samsen had something to do with this,” she told Kare11 news.

La Mar Walker said the pair are as inseparable in their new home as they were in the shelter.

“You can’t split them up,” he said. “Even if we send them out to potty, one goes, the one outside notices the other one’s not behind and sits at the door waiting for the other to come out.”

Brenda and Linda

Linda and Brenda (Courtesy of Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care And Control)

Blair Foy, a marketing and communications manager for the city of Minneapolis, told People the adoption was cause for celebration.

“It is so heartwarming to see the way that the public and community is responding to animals in need and recognizing how taking an animal in, and in this case, taking two animals in, [is] giving these sweet dogs who didn’t have a home, a chance to have a new family forever, and that they get to be together,” Foy said.

We are thrilled that these girls found a loving home together — which is no less than they deserve! This story is an excellent reminder of the power and importance of adoption and of how so many sweet animals in shelters are just waiting for their second chance!