A study published in the Journal of Urology found that adopting a vegan diet could make your blood 8 times more effective at fighting cancer cells.

In the study, men with prostate cancer — one of the leading causes of death in men — were either put on a plant-based diet, exercise and stress-management program or placed in a control group and kept on their normal routine. The men had not undergone any conventional cancer treatments at the start of the study, although 6 patients in the control group did undergo treatments during the study due to disease progression. None of the vegan group underwent conventional treatments at all.

The study lasted for one year, and by the end, the blood of men in the vegan group was found to be almost 8 times more powerful at destroying cancer cells. The blood samples were compared side-by-side in petri dishes.

A description of the vegan group’s diet:

“The diet was predominantly fruits, vegetables, whole grains (complex carbohydrates), legumes and soy products, low in simple carbohydrates and with approximately 10% of calories from fat.”

The exercise regimen included moderate aerobic exercise: walking for half an hour 6 days a week. For stress management, participants engaged in activities like yoga, meditation and a weekly support group.

The study was relatively small, with 93 participants, and more research is needed to confirm the benefit (particularly because there were multiple variables). But the results match those of similar studies. As the American Heart Association notes, vegetarians have a lower risk of certain cancers, as well as reduced risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes.

This study provides yet one more reason to cut animal products from your diet. Eating vegan is better for the planet, it fights animal cruelty, and helps you be as healthy as you can be.