Study: Smoking Pot Won’t Make Kids Grow Up Stupid

Study: Smoking Pot Won’t Make Kids Grow Up Stupid


You may not have been able to hear it, but a huge sigh of relief just happened over here.

Apparently, smoking pot as a teen won’t stunt your intellectual development. In fact, it probably won’t rob you of a single IQ point, according to the latest research from the University College of London.

The study looked at 2,612 youth; researchers tested their IQs at age 8, and again at age 15. The verdict? They found “no relationship between cannabis use and lower IQ at age 15.” This was true even with heavy usage – fantastic news for those of us whose high-school years more closely resembled Dazed and Confused than Glee.

What researchers did find, however, was a link between alcohol use and lowered IQ. In fact, out of all the factors weighed – others  included maternal education and cigarette use – only alcohol appeared to affect IQ at all.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean we should start shoving joints into teens’ hands. The study did show that marijuana users tended to let their grades slip (exam scores were 3 percent lower – not awful, but every point counts). But maybe we should stop demonizing marijuana when its effects are clearly not as devastating as the DEA makes them out to be.

And if I ever have kids, I’d rather find a bong in their room than a bottle of whiskey.

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  1. michael collins

    I`ve worked with people who have abused it (in meal-breaks – immediately before their shifts etc.) and I`ve suggested that they “pull their weight!”. Not the most positive experience of “pot”.
    It was all probably due personality and character that these individuals resorted to using it, essentially they were weak. But unwillingly my colleagues and I carried them through it – and that`s not right either.

    OK so, I`m sorry, there`s no selective, scientific method used in reaching my opinion or a whole bunch of repeatable scientific results to back it all up; it`s just what I have found. I just don`t see why I should support a liberal attitude to drug use in society.

    I have also experienced drug users in property belonging to me and tried to get them to pay their rent – but that`s another story!

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    • Infidel753

      People who go to work under the influence of marijuana are indeed abusing it, but you can no more judge tens of millions of marijuana users by that than you can judge everyone who drinks by people who show up drunk at work.

      No doubt some marijuana users are irresponsible, but I see no reason to think that that’s true of them in greater proportion than of the general population.

      At least marijuana doesn’t f encourage things like domestic violence and degenerative disease like alcohol does.

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      • michael collins

        Actually, I`m not judging people more because they use a different drug.

        It`s funny, but now that I reflect on it, I did in fact find that the alcoholics at my old place of work were more reliable and conscientious than the pot heads!

        But then again that`s only a subject and personal view, and maybe we need to look at more evidence and weigh it all up in a more level-headed fashion without using it selectively to reinforce our pre-conceptions

        If you`re interested in some more leads for your story; sifting and weighing the evidence here`s just one article from the NHS websites…

        there`s more out there.

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  2. michael collins

    Low IQ may never have been an issue – rather it is the psychological harm that cannabis use can cause

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    • Lady Freethinker

      Hi Michael, thanks for the comment!

      Studies have been very mixed, and it’s not likely that marijuana causes psychological harm for most people (except maybe a temporary bout of paranoia while the influence, for some). I think there’s been far too much fearmongering, and too many baseless warnings about the drug. Have you ever seen “Reefer Madness?” Demonizing marijuana has been a real issue!


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