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Senator Rob Wagner, [email protected]; House Speaker Dan Rayfield, Rep.DanR​[email protected]; Governor Tina Kotek, Fax: 503/378-6827

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PETITION TARGET: Senate Leader Rob Wagner, House Speaker Dan Rayfield, Governor Tina Kotek

Set on fire, drowned, and having limbs cut off — these are some of the ways that monkeys and other innocent animals continue to be tortured, mutilated, and killed through the creation and distribution of animal crush videos. Yet, shockingly, several states — including Oregon — do not have state laws against participating in or funding these heinous videos.

Now, proposed legislation in Oregon could help protect monkeys and other animals from being harmed in horrifically cruel manners for profit and entertainment.

Oregon State Rep. David Gomberg has introduced a bill that would add state laws against the promotion of animal torture videos, the funding of animal torture videos, and other crimes “concerning the visual displays of animal abuse.”

Gomberg’s legislation was introduced after an Oregon man was federally indicted for his involvement in conspiring to fund the overseas production of videos featuring innocent monkeys being gruesomely tortured. The case exposed that while Oregon state law prohibits animal torture, there is no state law to prohibit the production of videos of animal torture. This important legislation could close that loophole.

Animal torture cannot be tolerated — including possessing, financing, and promoting these violent videos.

Sign our petition urging Oregon lawmakers to pass the new bill toughening state laws against individuals who participate in, possess, finance, or promote animal cruelty videos for entertainment or profit.