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California Senate Leader Mark McGuire, [email protected]; Speaker Robert Rivas, Fax: (916) 319-2129; Gov. Gavin Newsom, [email protected]

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PETITION TARGET: California Legislators; Governor Gavin Newsom

Octopuses who are farmed may suffer in group enclosures where they are at risk of injuring or even killing each other out of stress.

Commercial farms also likely involve breeding operations resulting in the deaths of mother octopuses.

The slaughter of these sensitive creatures could include plunging young octopuses into ice to freeze them to death while still conscious, according to a report.

Octopuses — who are playful, intelligent, and territorial animals — could be protected against cruel commercial farming practices and brutal slaughter in California if proposed legislation is passed.

The “Oppose Cruelty to Octopuses (OCTO) Act” – or Assembly Bill 3162 – would prohibit the breeding, farming, and slaughter of all octopus breeds in California for consumption.

Octopuses are sentient animals who feel pain and sadness. They deserve to live their fascinating lives exploring the ocean – not stressed, harmed, or killed in a breeding farm.

Passing this bill could prevent the merciless suffering and killing of countless clever animals. Washington has already passed legislation prohibiting octopus farming out of concern for octopus welfare. Now it’s time for California to do the same.

Sign our petition urging legislators to pass the Oppose Cruelty to Octopuses Act to protect octopuses in California from inhumane farming and slaughter.