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A horse forced to perform for a show for people’s “entertainment” died suddenly of a heart attack, reportedly while being exercised prior to filming and while in the presence at least 20 other horses, according to news reports.

The horse reportedly was being forced to create Season Two of “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” when the animal died from cardiac arrest, an Amazon Studios spokesperson said. While this horse will never again enjoy the taste of feed or the feeling of the sun, work for the show reportedly resumed less than an hour after the tragic death, according to news reports.

While this reportedly is the first animal fatality for Amazon Studios, sadly, this isn’t the first horse to die on a production set. Horses exploited by the film industry often are forced to work long hours for the sake of human “entertainment,” and sometimes the stress can be fatal. During the making of “The Hobbit,” more than a dozen animals, including horses, reportedly died, according to news reports.

With today’s technology, including computer-generated imagery (CGI), it is inhumane and unnecessary for companies to continue using animals in films.

Sign our petition urging Amazon Prime Studios to prioritize humane, animal-free methods of film production, including CGI, rather than putting horses or other animals in dangerous and possibly fatal situations.