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Joel Marcus - Spring Green Village Plan Commission Chairperson
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PETITION TARGET: Spring Green Plan Commission Chairperson Joel Marcus

The short life of a laboratory dog is filled with pain, suffering, and loneliness. Housed in cold, hard metal cages, they may be poisoned, infected with deadly disease, chemically burned, or brutally sliced open.

Beagles are commonly used because of their trusting and calm demeanor. And now, village leaders in Spring Green, Wisconsin are considering approving a commercial puppy mill that will breed these gentle dogs and sell them to labs for experimentation.

Anywhere from 150 to 1000 beagles would be held at this facility, with puppies torn away from their mothers at just 7 to 8 weeks old to allow the females to breed again and again.

The application has been approved by the town board but was tabled by the village board on June 19th awaiting further clarification and research. It will be considered again, and we must speak out to stop this puppy mill of horrors from ever being built.

Sign this petition urging Spring Green Plan Commission Chairperson Joel Marcus to reject the permit, demonstrating that Spring Green is a compassionate and caring community that treasures their animal companions.