In a shocking act of cruelty, an 18-year-old Russian student violently grabbed a tiny kitten and hurled it into a hot oven, slamming the innocent animal's body against the burning metal.

The horrifying incident was filmed at a house party as onlookers laughed and jeered at the innocent animal.

The man behind the camera claimed to be in "hysterics" as the kitten suffered.

"Oh, that was tough! 375 degrees! You've broken his spine!" he callously cried.

"Let's do it one more time!" said another onlooker.

The kitten was thrown into the oven at least twice, its tiny legs getting stuck in the hot metal oven rack. It is unclear if the kitten lived or died.

Russian police are currently investigating, and it is imperative that they file charges against all involved in this heartless cruelty. Anyone who inflicts such torture is a danger to both animals and humans, and it must be made clear that this abuse will not be tolerated.

Sign this petition urging the Russian ambassador to do everything in his power to ensure that these men are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and are never allowed to have an animal for the rest of their lives.

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