Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has adamantly denied climate change. With his anti-science agenda, he has repeatedly dismissed global warming as a hoax, even claiming the idea was perpetuated by the Chinese government to destroy American businesses.

There are troubling signs that Trump is going to continue his dangerous denial throughout his presidency. During his campaign, Trump vowed to end spending on climate change initiatives, placing money and corporate interests over the fate of the people doomed to lose their homes and their livelihoods, or even starve in the face of extreme weather.  

Trump has tapped Myron Ebell, a well-known climate change skeptic, to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. He has threatened to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement, which includes 95 countries vowing to work together to limit global warming to below two degrees Celsius.

We’re entering a critical time for our planet. Climate experts say that the policy decisions made about carbon emissions in the next few years will be felt in the Earth’s climate for 10,000 years to come. The stakes for these policies couldn’t be higher.

As a nation, we cannot afford to have a leader who is a climate change denier. Donald Trump must implement policies that address the critical shifts in weather patterns that have led to increased flooding, natural disasters, and melting in the polar icecaps.

Sign to urge President-Elect Trump to stop denying climate change as he enters the highest office in the nation.  It is his duty as a world leader to protect the environment in which all life -- including his voters -- depends.  

The campaign is over, and reality MUST sink in. Mr Trump, please act to protect our planet —the world is depending on it.