PETITION TARGET: Iowa Senate President Charles Schneider; Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

UPDATE (6/29/20): Gov. Kim Reynolds officially signed the Community and Pet Protection Act (737) into law. Under the new law, second-offense animal neglect and abuse would become a class D felony, and caretakers will no longer be exempt from being charged with abusing their own companion animals. The bill also removes ambiguous language to make sure certain standards of care requirements are met for pets, including food, water, shelter, sanitary conditions, grooming, and veterinary care.


Did you know that in Iowa, even the most brutal animal torture is not a felony if the attacker is a first-time offender? Protections are so weak, no clear legal standards for animal care even exist — despite the hundreds of puppy mills in the state confining dogs to filthy, disease-ridden conditions for profit.

But a bill that unanimously passed the Iowa House 96-0 could change that. The proposed measure, HF737, would increase penalties for animal mistreatment and bolster the state’s notoriously pitiful animal protections.

According to WhoTV Channel 13 News, the bill would also help clear up confusing language that makes pet abuse legal. “The law does not apply to a person who abuses their own pet. This bill changes the wording so that it is illegal to abuse any companion animal, regardless of who owns it.”

Iowa is ranked an appalling 48th of the 50 states for animal cruelty laws in the US, according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Abused animals deserve better.

Iowa lawmakers must pass this bill to ensure abusers and animal profiteers are held accountable for their crimes.

Sign this petition urging Iowa senators to pass HF737 and prioritize animal rights in the state.