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[email protected] Ross County Prosecutor Jeffrey C. Marks

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PETITION TARGET: Ross County Prosecutor Jeffrey C. Marks

UPDATE: On December 19, 2019, Rebecca Snow was sentenced to two years of probation, 50 hours of community service, and prohibited from having horses for two years after pleading guilty to cruelty to animals. Charlie is expected to be put up for adoption within the next few months. While we are pleased Ms. Snow was found guilty to animal cruelty, we do not believe the punishment fits the crime.


Tied to a tree for four days and left in the rain to suffer without food or water, a horse named Charlie was a starved to a shocking 250 pounds below his normal weight. Charlie’s mouth was covered in lacerations from desperately gnawing at bark to survive.

When humane officers from Ohio’s Fayette Regional Humane Society (FRHS) found the 12-year-old horse, he was grossly emaciated, wasting away from severe neglect and mistreatment.

“It was awful to see such a gentle sweet giant, standing on the hillside in that condition,” said FRHS chief humane agent Brad Adams

According to the FRHS, Charlie is recovering at a barn where he is receiving proper and compassionate care and a special diet to regain his weight. While a vet found multiple ulcers in Charlie’s mouth, blood tests came back normal. Once rehabilitated, he will be ready for a new and kinder home.

Charlie’s former caretaker, Rebecca Snow, is currently facing three, second-degree misdemeanor charges of cruelty to animals.

We must take action to prevent another poor animal like Charlie from suffering the same fate. Please sign this petition to urge the prosecution to call for a lifelong ban on Snow having any animals.