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Saginaw Township Chief of Police Donald F. Pussehl, Jr., [email protected]

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A tiny poodle lay unmoving in a ditch, her fur severely matted and tangled in branches and weeds, after allegedly being thrown from an overpass in Birch Run Township, Mich.

A woman passing by heard a small whimper and called 911 on discovering the innocent and suffering dog, who then received care by Saginaw County Animal Care and Control.

Officials said they suspect the dog was thrown from the I-75 overpass and left to die. Her fur was so filthy and tangled that animal control spent four hours grooming the dog. The abused and abandoned dog had no microchip and was not wearing any collar.

Whoever is responsible for these hideous actions against this sweet, helpless dog must be held accountable.

Sign this petition urging Saginaw Township Chief of Police Donald F. Pussehl, Jr. to use all department resources necessary to find the person or person(s) responsible for this senseless and heartless crime and forward any related animal cruelty charges to a prosecutor.

Authorities are asking anyone with information to contact Saginaw County Animal Care & Control or Saginaw County Central Dispatch at 989-797-4580 and request the on-call animal control officer.