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PETITION TARGETS: Honolulu Police Department

Four beloved pet pigs were brutally shot to death by poachers on a golf course in Hawaii, where they were hurting no one and were actually helping managers and golfers by eating introduced plants, according to news.

The gruesome deaths tragically are the latest in a string of other killings at the course. 

In February, a mother pig and her eight piglets who reportedly were just starting to trust people were gunned down, allegedly by two armed men who unlawfully unleashed hunting dogs onto the property and then emerged from the surrounding bush to kill the pigs, according to the golf course’s manager.

“We gave the pigs refuge,” the manager told news. “The pigs didn’t hurt the nearby farms or the golf course itself.”

A peacock also recently was shot to death at the course.

The golf course reportedly has filed police reports about the persistent poaching but told news those reports “have been ignored.”

Hawaii’s officials must enforce the laws they swore to uphold.  No defenseless animal should be poached without penalty — let alone 14. 

Sign our petition urging the Honolulu Police Department to thoroughly and expeditiously investigate these killings and forward any applicable charges onto a prosecutor — including but not limited to animal cruelty, trespassing, and illegal discharge of a firearm — for those responsible for these horrific killings.