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PETITION TARGET: Delaware County District Attorney’s Office

Five helpless kittens died gruesome deaths after being abandoned in sealed storage bins in the summer heat in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. 

Two dead kittens were discovered by staff at the Spayed Club Veterinary Clinic outside their doorstep in July. Staff reported the kittens had been abandoned after the clinic was clearly closed for the weekend, with the kittens likely suffering for days before their tiny bodies were found, according to news reports.

“They were left to die in the blazing summer heat, while our clinic was closed over the weekend, and for us to find them once back in the office,” the staff wrote, adding the tragic fatalities took an emotional toll on their staff.

The clinic has signs posted telling people not to drop off animals. But the same individual then reportedly abandoned another three kittens in a sealed bin, again after hours, with staff once more discovering the dead bodies when they returned to work.

Officials investigating the case have determined the helpless kittens likely suffocated from heat and lack of access to food and water while they suffered in their sweltering prison.

Authorities have since charged a man with five misdemeanor counts of neglect and five counts of felony animal cruelty.

Prosecutors must take this case seriously. These kittens deserve justice.

Sign our petition urging the Delaware County prosecutor to treat this case with the severity it deserves, including a maximum ban on owning animals.