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Sheriff L.A. "Tony" Epps, Prince Edward County Sheriff’s Department / [email protected] / 434-392-8101

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PETITION TARGET: Prince Edward County Sheriff’s Department

Three kittens were found trapped in a plastic bag inside of a trash compactor in Prince Edward County, Virginia, as reported by WWBT News.

One was meowing for her life. The others, likely her siblings, were dead. They had been imprisoned inside of an orange plastic bag and dumped in the compactor — tossed amongst waste and crushing bags of garbage. They were barely as big as the crumpled water bottles next to them.

Without intervention, the remaining living kitten would have been crushed to death.

Fortunately, an attendant at the convenience site heard the helpless meows coming from the compactor. The only surviving kitten was mustering all her strength and spirit to stay alive.

Prince Edward County Animal Control rescued the kitten and transported her, along with two dead kittens, away from where they had been left to die. Once in the care of Animal Control, she was immediately given veterinary care.

We don’t know how long she was confined in the suffocating bag next to the lifeless kittens, but we do know she is a fighter. She deserves justice — as do the kittens who did not survive.

Prince Edward County Animal Control and the Prince Edward County Sheriff’s Department are currently investigating the incident.

“This is a deeply troubling situation, and we are committed to thoroughly investigating the circumstances surrounding the abandonment of these innocent animals,” Prince Edward County Sheriff, L.A. “Tony” Epps, said in a press release.

“Our department is dedicated to the wellbeing of all animals in Prince Edward County,” said Chief Animal Control Officer, Adam Mumma. “Animal Control and the Sheriff’s Office want to hold accountable anyone who engages in acts of cruelty towards animals.”

Sign our petition urging Prince Edward County Sheriff’s Department to investigate as thoroughly as possible before any other innocent animals are harmed.

Prince Edward Country Animal Control and the County Sheriff’s Department are asking anyone with information related to this case to call Prince Edward County Crime Solvers at 434-392-3400 or Prince Edward County Animal Control at 434-223-7310.