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Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis: (214) 491-4860 (fax)

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PETITION TARGET: Collin County District Attorney, Collin County Sheriff’s Office

Dogs locked in cages without food or water suffered prolonged and gruesome deaths before sheriff’s deputies stumbled upon their remains in Collin County, Texas, according to news.

Deputies responding to a call from a concerned citizen tracked an overpowering smell to a cage, where they found a dead dog without any food or water locked inside. They also found 23 other dead dogs — including others found in locked cages without sustenance and several crammed into enclosures constantly exposed to the sun — who were in “advanced states of decomposition,” according to news.

Among the dead were also 12 dead horses — including some who were “skeletonized” and others who still had patches of fur.

Tragically, officials had fielded at least 16 calls about possible animal cruelty to this property since 2019 — meaning these horrific deaths likely could have been preventedAuthorities have arrested a woman on two counts of animal cruelty. 

No innocent animal deserves to suffer and die from starvation and neglect. Whoever is responsible for this cruelty must be held fully accountable and prevented from hurting any other animals.

Sign our petition urging the Collin County District Attorney to treat this case with the severity it deserves — including a lifelong ban on owning or being around animals. We’re also asking the Collin County Sheriff’s Office to review this case, as well as their protocols for responding to animal cruelty, to ensure that allegations are taken seriously so that tragedies like this one don’t result.