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PETITION TARGET: Tulsa District Attorney

UPDATE (5/23/2024): The accused perpetrator pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months in county jail and two years in prison, according to news. We are grateful that this cruelty was taken seriously by prosecutors. — Lady Freethinker Staff


Two defenseless ducklings suffered intolerable pain while being stapled to death in Tulsa, Oklahoma, reportedly by a man who converted an office stapler into a makeshift staple gun.

Officers who responded to the scene discovered two ducklings with staple wounds to their heads, necks, and bodies after the box allegedly was thrown out of the man’s car window. One of the ducklings was dead and the other was in critical condition.

Within a few hours, the second duckling died from the injuries inflicted during this brutal torture, despite the immediate care of a nearby shelter, according to News On 6.

“They were newborn ducklings,” said Colton Jones, operation manager at Tulsa Animal Welfare. “So [he] had to restrain them to do this.”


Stapler Used On Ducklings (Courtesy of Tulsa Police Department)

Officers have charged the man with two counts of animal cruelty, two counts of unlawful disposal of a dead animal, assault and battery on a police officer, and obstructing or interfering with a police officer, according to Mirror News. He is now awaiting court proceedings.

Animal torture and cruelty must not go unpunished. These ducklings deserve justice. 

Sign this petition urging the Tulsa District Attorney to prosecute this case to the fullest extent of the law, including mandated psychological intervention and a lifelong ban on having animals for the individual(s) responsible.