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Buncombe County Sheriff: [email protected]//Buncombe County District Attorney's Office, https://form.123formbuilder.com/5037660

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PETITION TARGETS: Buncombe County Animal Control and District Attorney

Five dogs and a rabbit were crammed into two small carrier crates and abandoned by the side of a dark road for an unknown amount of time before officers in western North Carolina received a complaint and responded, according to the News & Observer. 

One of the heartbreaking photos, posted by the Black Mountain Police Department,  shows three medium-sized dogs smashed inside a wire cage that left them completely exposed to the elements and also clearly was made to hold a single animal.

In another crime scene photo, a rabbit is squished near the metal grating on a plastic carrier crate, with the eyes of two large dogs peering out forlornly from behind in the tight space.

These innocent animals deserved much better than to be cruelly stuffed into overcrowded cages and left for dead on a dark roadside with no food or water. Police have not provided any information about the conditions of the animals or whether they will be ok, according to news.

Cruel, uncaring acts of intentional abandonment that threaten the lives of innocent beings deserve swift and serious justice.

Sign our petition urging the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Animal Control officers and Buncombe County District Attorney’s Office to thoroughly investigate this deplorable act of animal cruelty and exact justice for these abandoned animals to the fullest extent of the law.

Police are seeking the public’s help in identifying those responsible for this disgusting act of abandonment. Anyone with information may contact Buncombe County Animal Control officers at (828) 250-6670 or Sgt. Jim Robinson at [email protected]

abandoned dogs in crates