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Clark County District Attorney’s Office https://www.clarkcountynv.gov/contactus.php; DA Steve Wolfson: [email protected]

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PETITION TARGET: Clark County District Attorney’s Office

A dog named Kea reportedly was hit with a hammer and had her throat slit twice before being abandoned in the Nevada desert, according to news.

A passerby who found the dying dog feared she had been attacked by an animal and took her to an animal shelter, where staff quickly determined the dog instead had multiple stab wounds to her head and that her throat had been cut open twice

The sweet dog had a microchip, which authorities traced back to her owner, who allegedly confessed to trying to kill the dog after taking her into the desert. The man reportedly told authorities that Kea was old and sick with cancer — claims the veterinary staff later said weren’t true — and that he had hit her with a hammer and slit her throat before leaving her to be eaten by wild animals, according to news.

When authorities told the man that Kea was stable in the hospital, he reportedly said it was “too bad that they were wasting all that money on a dying dog” and showed no remorse for what he had done.

Kea has since been euthanized after struggling for her life for days.

Authorities have charged the man with one count of malicious torture, and it’s critical this case is treated with the severity it deserves.

Sign our petition urging prosecutors to obtain justice for Kea, including fully pursuing the torture charge and obtaining a lifelong ban on owning or being near animals for the individual(s) involved.