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Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins, [email protected]

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PETITION TARGET: Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins

UPDATE (3/27/2023): We are happy to report that this sweet dog has found a happy forever home with a loving adopter. Meanwhile, Elias Pacheco-Osario pleaded guilty to a count of animal cruelty in Chelsea District Court. In exchange for the plea deal, the judge sentenced him to one year of jail, suspended — meaning he won’t serve jail time if he does not reoffend during his 2-year probation period. He also can’t work with or own animals, and he must complete an online animal cruelty prevention and education course. Thank you to everyone who signed our petition for her! We’ll keep advocating for dogs and all animals! —Lady Freethinker Staff


A pit bull named Killer nearly drowned after his owner chained him to a steel rod embedded in cement at the edge of a Massachusetts beach and then walked away — abandoning him “to the mercy of the next high tide.”

State and local police who responded to concerned calls about the cruel situation found the dog chained in a secluded section of the beach that typically is completely submerged at high tide each day, according to a police statement.

As he was chained to a steel rod, with no possible means to escape rising water, Killer could have been dead within hours if authorities did not find him.

Arriving in the nick of time, rescuers transported Killer to Ocean View Kennels. This innocent dog deserves justice. 

Four residential surveillance videos have helped police identify the dog’s owner, Elias Pacheco-Osario, 27, who was arrested two days later and charged with animal cruelty.

This appalling and intentional act of senseless cruelty must be taken seriously.

Sign this petition urging Suffolk County (MA) District Attorney Rachael Rollins to prosecute Pacheco-Osario to the full extent of the law.