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PETITION TARGET: Butler County Prosecutor’s Office

An elderly cat named Juliet suffered agonizing injuries leading to her death after a man trapped her in a white garbage bag then slammed the bag on the ground at an apartment complex in Hamilton, Ohio.

Police received a tip after a video caught the alleged perpetrator committing the violent act on camera.

Juliet sustained a fractured pelvis and spine resulting from the terrifying, excruciating incident. The man then dumped the trusting cat outside the apartment complex.

Her injuries were so severe that Juliet was euthanized to end her suffering.

A man has been charged with a fifth-degree felony for cruelty and the beating of a companion animal. He is also charged with breaking and entering.

The police are investigating if the accused man may have been involved in other violent acts of of animal cruelty.

“This instance of horrific cruelty is unimaginable and will never be tolerated in this county,” Sheriff Richard K. Jones told WCPO news.

Juliet was well known in the apartment complex. She regularly enjoyed many loving moments in several of the tenants’ homes. She was one of several community cats cared for by a resident who provided Juliet and others with food, straw bedding, and love.

No cat should suffer such a cruel, painful death. 

Sign our petition to ask prosecutors to treat this case with the severity it deserves, including intensive psychiatric intervention and a lifelong ban on having animals for the individual responsible for this heinous crime.