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PETITION TARGET: Cottage Grove Police Department

UPDATE (11/22/2023): In the course of the investigation into this case, officials located an individual who admitted to dumping the dead dogs and subsequently executed a search warrant on an animal rescue in the area, where they believe the dogs died, according to news. They removed 22 dogs from the rescue, placing them in the care of the Animal Humane Society. No charges or arrests have been made to date. We’ll keep watching this case. —Lady Freethinker Staff


Dead. Dumped. Left beside a porta-potty. This was how eight small dogs were discovered by police in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

Officers with the Cottage Grove Police Department (CGPD) discovered the dead dogs — including a Schnauzer and white terrier-type dogs — callously dumped near the edge of a tree line.

A person has since confessed to dumping the dogs, but officers fear that other people may be involved — telling news that someone else may have killed the dogs and that the dogs may have died elsewhere. The cause of death also has not yet been determined, pending necropsy reports, according to CBS News Minnesota.

These dogs did not deserve to be dumped like trash. We demand answers for what happened to these eight innocent animals.  

Sign the petition to urge police to use all available resources to investigate this inhumane act and apprehend all person(s) responsible before they have a chance to harm any other animals.