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PETITION TARGET: Argentina’s Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries

Orca whale Kshamenk has been left to suffer in a tiny tank in Argentina’s Mundo Marino Aquarium for decades.

Recent aerial footage has revealed the horrifying conditions where Kshamenk has languished since his capture in 1992 – a murky pool barely big enough for him.

Kshamenk floats in the middle of the dark water, almost lifeless, according to footage captured by whistleblower animal advocacy group UrgentSeas.

This emotionally complex and highly social marine mammal, who needs space to swim and the company of fellow orcas, has been the only orca since his bonded mate died in 2000.

The shocking footage has gone viral, spreading across TikTok, X, and Instagram, according to Yahoo News.

“A campaign to outlaw his current captivity is gaining momentum in Argentina by local activists, so bringing awareness and sharing his story surely supports their efforts,” Phil Demers, co-founder of UrgentSeas, said.

Sign the petition to demand the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries in Argentina investigate Kshamenk’s conditions and immediately secure the safe rehoming of this orca to a reputable sanctuary where he can swim freely.