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PETITION TARGET: New Hampshire House Members

Drilling holes into cats’ skulls, forcing substances down rabbits’ throats, and dripping chemicals into animals’ eyes — these are just a few examples of the horrific abuses animals may undergo when used in traditional testing environments.

Senate Bill 97 would restrict these practices in New Hampshire.

If this bill passes, New Hampshire manufacturers or contract testing facilities will not be allowed to subject innocent animals to brutal testing methods when appropriate alternatives exist. Humane alternatives to animal testing can include cells in test tubes, computer modeling, or clinical studies with people, according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

In addition to restricting animal testing, this bill would also require New Hampshire manufacturers or contract testing facilities to publish annual reports detailing any and all animal testing done outside of biomedical research.

Sen. David Watters, one of the bill’s sponsors, shared that while there are no current New Hampshire companies testing on animals, this bill is meant to prevent any future attempts at animal testing in the state.

Several states have already passed similar bills into law, including New York, California, and New Jersey. By passing Senate Bill 97 in New Hampshire, an effective protocol can be put in place to restrict any future animal testing — preventing injury and death to innocent animals.

Sign our petition to encourage House members to vote YES on Senate Bill 97 and help animals in New Hampshire be spared the brutality of animal testing.